BKK AS, Project Developer Green technology

2017 - 2020

Norwegian Marine Interior AS, Finance Manager/Head of project controlling

2016 - 2017

Future Solutions AS, Head of restructuring, change and interaction

2015 - 2016

Norsafe AS, Area Sales Manager

2013 - 2015

NorMar Service AS, Managing Director

2011 - 2013

Palfinger Marine Services AS, Administration Manager

2005 - 2007

Umoe Schat-Harding Group, Acting Finance Manager

2003 - 2005

Umoe Schat-Harding Group, board member (employees rep.)

1999 - 2011

Umoe Schat-Harding Group, IT manager

1996 - 1999

Kvinnherad kommune, Senior IT consultant

1993 - 1996

Vesta Forsikring AS, Senior IT consultant

1992 - 1993

SiO Data Bergen AS, Sales/Customer consultant

1989 - 1992

Logos Nova AS, Sales/Customer consultant


TN Software, IT consultant, developer

1986 - 1988

Summer job HSD, Bergen

1982 - 1985

Summer Job Sψr Norge Aluminium, Husnes


Head of project controlling, NMI AS (2017 - )

• Planing, prognosis, progress and financial reporting

• IT/HSEQ/Quality


Head of restructuring, change and interaction, Future Solutions (2016 - 2017)

• Business, restructuring and improvement projects for Customers

• Training for cooperation and interaction


Area Sales Manager, Norsafe AS (2015-2016)

• Merged Normar Service into Norsafe, all tasks and activities solved
• Sales of services: yearly inspections / 5-year inspection, retrofit projects, upgrades, framework contracts and spareparts sales
• Survey of customers and potential sales activitie

• Quotations, calculations and preplanning of projects
• Distribution of sales orders to project managers/coordinators

• Project management responsibility for business development  project. Improved processes and activities and new ERP system in Norsafe group
• Split the project into phases with milestones
• Project and change management with monitoring of suppliers, project and various departments
• Follow-up of project progress, project accounting and reporting with corporate management
• Advice and guidance to various departments and project groups
• Develop flexible, cost-effective processes and organization of these against the various departments
• Worked with MSOffice, MS Project, Norsafe’s own developed Web solutions, MS Dynamics AX


Managing Director, NorMar Service AS (2013-2015)

• Funding of the company
• Budget work, cash management and reporting
• Risk assessment, risk parameters
• Routines, procedures and organization
• Building good business processes
• Quality system, procedures, routines, work instructions and checklists

• Mapping of HR and build resource base
• Mapping of customer opportunities
• Defining products and product groups and the pricing of these prepared for sales
• Sales of services: yearly inspections / 5-year inspection, retrofit projects, upgrades, framework contracts and spareparts sales
• Quotations, calculations and preplanning of projects
• Execution of some sales projects
• Worked with MSOffice, proprietary Web solutions to SQL Server;


Administration Manager, Palfinger Marine Serivces (2011-2013)

• Joined to build a new global services organization for Palfinger Marine

• Responsibility for administration, quality, HR and IT
• Create a template for establishment of new offices
• Make plans and follow-up when establishing new offices. Austria, Holland and Denmark, partly Germany
• Develop and execute projects at the interface between information technology and business management / business development
• Build IT platform for sales, projects and HSEQ so Palfinger Marine Services will achieve its business objectives.
• Integrations of solutions with Palfinger Marine (mother company) where this was the best solution
• Managing HR module for recruitment and responsible for follow up
• Develop quality system based on ISO requirements with manuals, procedures / checklists / job descriptions and Non conformity system
• Assist projects with both progress and financial reporting
• Reporting to group, both progress of projects and finances
• Worked with MSOffice, proprietary Web solutions for SQL Server, SAP and Infor


Deputy Finance Manager, Umoe Schat-Harding (2005-2007)

• Reporting, monthly / liquidity / progression project, delegating tasks
• Plan and allocate tasks to the employees in the department
• Follow-up of personnel responsibility, department with 12 employees
• Participate in corporate management meetings and management meetings

• Strategies and follow up
• Risk assessment, risk parameters
• Uniform group at all levels
• Significant growth, both turnover and activities, how to handle this

Global IT Manager, Umoe Schat-Harding (1999-2011)

• Chief of operations of all the company's IT solutions
• Create and maintain IT operations and investment budgets
• Develop IT strategy based on corporate management objectives and implement current strategies
• Create and maintain procedures for data security on group level
• Responsibility for installations and upgrades of software and hardware
• Assign responsibility for the system to different systems in departments with department managers
• Create and maintain plans for hardware, software and IT training (also internal courses)
• Coordination and monitoring of IT area to the entire group USH
• Follow-up of personnel responsibilities, five employees
• Plan and allocate tasks to the employees in the department
• Important projects
• Upgrade Email platform from Lotus to Microsoft
• Websolution, kind of CRM for sales / project from MS Acces solution
• Built Notes quality system
• Upgrading the quality system to MS SharePoint at group level
• Introduced a new ERP system at several offices Intl, MS Dynamics Nav
• Several major upgrades Multi + Erp system
• More updates / improvements to Web site
• Installation / update of CAD / CAM solution NX / Teamcenter
• Central participant in a business development project with new IT platform in bottom
• Participated in USH leadership development program
• Worked with IT solutions such as Notes, MS Office, MS Project, MS SharePoint, Drupal, Wordpress, NX / Teamcenter; Multi +, MS Dynamics Nav, USH developed web solutions to SQL Server



1989 -

Various other courses

2005 - 2006

USH Management training program

1999 - 2011

Various training courses within USH system

1989 - 1996

Various personal development courses

1993 - 1996

Various courses regarding insurance business

1989 - 1993

IBM Business Academy, Sales training courses

1985 - 1989

Cand. Mag. Universitetet in Bergen, Informatics and Administration/Finance

Spring 85

Amo Courses Trade School + external examinations

1983 - 1984

Military service, Navy

1980 - 1983

Kvinnherad vidaregεande skule, Naturfag




Normar Service acquired by Norsafe and employees joined Norsafe AS


Acquired parts of PMS and renamed to Normar Service AS and continued business with LSA service


Joined a team building up Palfinger Marine Services, responsible for Administration, QA/HMS, IT,++


Business improvement Project USH Services and Equipment, member of the steering group and project team

2010 - 2011

Large Web site upgrade new CMS tools


DAK/DAP Upgrade to technical platform NX / Teamcenter from Siemens

2009 - 2010

ProjectManager of Processes/ERP system implementation at USH China offices, Carried out better than budget


Builds QMS / NCS on requirements from the group, ready 2009


IT department extended, due to service Group demands


Upgrade of Web Application and better business processes

2007 - 2008

Participated in USH Management training program, 200 Hours

2005 - 2007

Acting CFO, department with 12 employees


Moving mail systems from Umoe,Oslo to Schat-Harding Group


Larger upgrade Multi + from version 2.0 to 3.0, completed on budget hours and costs


Large upgrade of WEB site, done better than budget both hours and costs

2004 - 2005

Rolls out Web application to all USH offices with subsequent training on more effective business processes

2003 - 2005

Board member Umoe Schat-Harding Group


Builds first Ush Group Application Shield (10 different databases(Excel/Access) into one web based application)


Responsible for maintenance of 15 Applications, 15 Servers, 350 pc's + 30 printes/copiers





Steinar Iversen


Skeishagen 16







Cell Phone

+ 47 41574417




Date of Birth


Civil status

Married and 2 boys




My strengths
Good business understanding
Have strong technical and analytical skills
Good to familiarize with different challenges both technical, administrative and personnel topics
Understands restructuring and change
Good financial / economic understanding
Good communication skills and leadership ability
Strong focus on planning, structure and implementation force
Ability utilization of technological solutions
Knowledgeable, widely interested

Not afraid of new challenges and willing to change